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    Topic: Guild news

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    Guild news
    One more expansion that is!! We have had several close attempts on these two recently and knew they were dead real soon. Loyal Rebellion is now on the final Everquest expansion while it is current! Not the easiest of feats with a 4 day raid schedule.

    Here are the last known photographs of the two recently deceased Gods!

    And of course the celebratory guild photo!

    When we finished off TBS we went and took out Deepscar. We now have about 60 flagged members and will be making our debut into MMM this coming week! Stay tuned to see some more ass kicking~

    Posted by: Zagor on May 25, 2008 - 11:57 PM  

    Guild news
    Well, this isn't what I had planned for one of my off nights, but when I logged in and they were all ready to engage, I said, ah WTF why not. There was always that feeling in the back of our minds that we didn't complete an expansion. Well, no longer is that a concern.

    We're only about 2 years or so late, but like I said, better late than never. It was also fun only having 2 groups of mains and some bots. Jenuden died like 12 times too, so it was fun all the way around!!

    I hated pushing down SoF updates for a 45 year old expansion, but I also expect to see OMM bumped down very soon with Mayong and Sol Ro's ugly mugs on this very page.

    Speaking of SoF, I have set a target date of June 1st to enter MMM for LR's first visit to Meldrath's pad. Cheap bastard said BYOB too. Anyway, if you'd like to be a part of the initial fun, check here for our current app needs!! Don't forget we also only raid 4 nights per week, so not only can you raid in the higher end of EQ, you can also have a life outside of the game!~

    Posted by: Zagor on May 18, 2008 - 11:19 AM  

    Guild news
    We finally found the time to mess around with something new. I guess I got tired of Mayong spawning on top of our clerics, or Saffron back to back spawning and making a raid of 54 go poof in a tick or two. So tonight, I decided to mix it up some and go give Soulbleeder a look.

    Lost 1 Barrin, offering REWARD!! 1 Rider and 2 Pikollo's!

    It took us one look, and on try #2 he went down faster than Rider can wipe a raid and blame the bards!
    (All while AFK of course~)
    Grats to the first Rebels on the first of many tier 3 loots to come!

    Is it only me, or does anyone else notice the rogue moving closer to the chest???!!! Don't let that semi-innocent look on his face fool you~

    Speaking of rogues, we could use another, or two! There are also a couple other classes we are looking for, if the right candidate happens to come along! Check Here for our latest openings. Get in now and experience the push into MMM first hand!

    Posted by: Zagor on May 07, 2008 - 12:59 AM  

    Guild news
    WTS, one guild hall. Fairly decent shape, has some plumbing problems. Kaalm, LR's guild Troll made the whirlpool his "area", nuff said. Willing to negotiate on price as we will be needing to move fairly soon, to Meldrath's Mansion!!

    Yes, it's true, we killed Deepscar, again. And yes, we did it in his current form for anyone that thought we couldn't do it. Another 4-5 kills and we'll be moving on into Meldrath's Mansion with the big boys to begin the push towards Crystallos!

    Loyal Rebellion has a few spots open for recruitment. Currently we could use an experienced cleric (we could use one too so get your own ;P~), beastie, zerker and chanter. I would say we need a rogue, but I am beginning to wonder if there are any left in Everquest~ In case there are, I'll take 2 please, k thx.

    With Deepscar now down again, Big Bynn on farm status and SF flags rotting, MMM is well within our grasp. If you desire a low key, relaxed guild that are a bunch of friends, we just might be for you. If you want the option to use extra days off to improve your character, group up with friends or have a real life that isn't digital, we just might be for you. If you're self centered, a *Halfling* or an MQ/hacker/GKer we are most certainly NOT for you.

    For needed classes, submit an app asap, we won't be needing people forever! We raid 4 days per week, Sunday and Tuesday through Thursday (5-11ish Sunday and 7:30 to 11ish the other days). Oh, our needs change from time to time, so check Here for our up to date needs. If you're an exceptional player of a closed class, sometimes exceptions can be made. Send Lekanda a tell or in game email regarding app questions.

    Posted by: Zagor on Apr 24, 2008 - 12:16 AM  

    Guild news
    My two week "vacation" has ended and these guys have me back at work doing updates my first day back, like omg mang!~ Barrin wouldn't call any new targets until I got back <3

    Well, it was quite appreciated and it was a big relief to see the awesome work Barrin, all the other officers, and all members did during my absence and the pummeling the Rebels put the mobs of Norrath through while I was away. Yeah it's a long run-on sentence and maybe when I am not all jetlaged out I will fix it, or maybe not~ They did some serious farming and I am confident once we are fully guild flagged for the Mansion we're gonna have us a party.

    It took us a few tries at this dragon but we think we finally figured out the magic trick, that or we got damn lucky!

    Loyal Rebellion is seeking an experienced Berserker and Beastlord. Must not be an idiot, or more freakish than Pikollo/Klaytor~ We would accept x-server transfers as well if we feel a fit is possible. No we won't be gearing your alts, and a GKer to boot, we aren't frigging retarded, was a nice try though /snicker.

    After we took out BB we went back to re-visit Deepscar in his, 3rd? form, and did quite well considering it's been 4 months since we have seen him. I am confident we're going to see his corpse on this very homepage REAL soon, since he is now LR's top priority target (along with 2-Gods).

    The hunt is on for Deepscar (again) and the farm is on for Big Bynn. As we are done flagging the Steam Factory mobs, those two mobs are going to be seeing a lot of LR every week as well. If you're a Zerk or BL, with above required attributes, and can raid at LEAST 3 of our only 4 raid days, send Lekanda a tell asap! We're sorry, but unless you're a top dog in your class (top 10ish at most) on server, we're closed.

    Mini update
    ***BMK3 now open, bring on those tier 3 bracers baby!***

    Posted by: Zagor on Apr 02, 2008 - 01:18 AM  

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